What should I cover in the “Ebooks & Readers: Next Steps” workshop?


The Kindle Reader (A Young Girl Seated), after RenoirAt CIL2013 I’ll be running the Ebooks & Readers: Next Steps workshop on Sunday afternoon. Here’s the official description:

So you’ve got an e-reader and you’ve mastered purchasing books from the associated store and even downloading books from OverDrive. But what about sideloading content from other sources such as Project Gutenberg and Smashwords? How about converting content from one ebook format to another, or even creating your own ebook content from Word documents and websites? Bring the e-reader or tablet of your choice and a laptop to walk you through all the necessary steps so that you can engage and share with your community.

So far the software I plan on covering are:

(I’d like to stick to just free software but if there’s something really good that doesn’t cost too much I’d be willing to at least mention it.)

And then I’ll be sure to point everyone to plenty of free eBook sources such as:

Then I wonder about covering things like these which may be illegal to use but not necessarily to inform people about:

So here’s what I need input on: 

  • Am I missing any topics/software/sites? If so, what are they?
  • What is your opinion on that last category of content for the workshop?


February 12th, 2013 by