Thing #46: Stixy

This month’s thing from Nebraska Learns 2.0 is Stixy. Having has a very busy month I finally got around to playing with it for a while this morning and I ‘m not sure I could see it being of use to me. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t see uses for it at all.

In particular, I like to keep my desk reasonably clean and focused. (Ok there are a lot of toys and the like around but no post-its.) On my computer desktop I keep a minimal number of icons, usually just shortcuts to the projects I’m currently working on. (My home Linux desktop typically has no icons on it at all.) So, to use something like Stixy to mirror that, pretty much eliminates sticky as a useful too to me.

However, if you are someone that sticks a lot of notes to your monitor, I could see that being carried over to an online environment to save paper. Also, I think it might have some potential to be a basis of a presentation, i.e. a replacement for a PowerPoint deck. I’m not sure I can be more specific than that but I think if the right presentation arose, I might just give it a try as I’m always looking for a new way to present online material.

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