No, you can not copyright a shape!

A few weeks ago I finally got my hands on a USB turntable so I can digitize all that vinyl I still own. (No, I won’t be tossing the vinyl, this is some rare stuff.) Anyway, Here’s what I bought for just $25 with a really good coupon at Half Price Books.

Turntable Box Copyright (1)

While ripping my first album into Audacity (Bodies and Soul by The Manhattan Transfer if you’re wondering,) I started looking at the box and noticed a lot of fine print on the bottom.

Turntable Box Copyright (2)

I noticed that a lot of that fine print seemed to be related to copyright so I took a closer look:

Turntable Box Copyright (3)

That’s right folks. According to VIBETM they are claiming copyright on the shape of the box.  Never mind that the images I’m posting here may be violating their copyright I’m calling fair use since I’m using them for criticism. But seriously, it’s a frickin’ box. It’s not even a uniquely shaped box. If Lego can’t get trademark protection for the shape of their bricks, you sure can’t get copyright for the shape for your box.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for posting this, I passed it on to an online friend who wants to know if a shape can be copyrighted.

    Cheryl Morris

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