Are you involved in Nebraska Learns 2.0?

Thing #35Nebraska Learns 2.0 is the Nebraska Library Commission’s ongoing online learning program. The goal of our program is to encourage participants to experiment with and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the way people, society and libraries access information and communicate with each other. Nebraska Learns 2.0 is a self-discovery program which encourages participants to take control of their own learning and to utilize their lifelong learning skills through exploration and PLAY.

Each month, The Nebraska Library Commission offers you an opportunity to learn a new Thing (or lesson). You have all month to complete that Thing and receive one CE credit. You may choose which Things to do based on personal interest and time availability. If the Thing of the month doesn’t interest you or if you are particularly busy that month, you can skip it.

The Thing for April is: Track Your Software Usage with Wakoopa

Ever wonder how much you use a particular program? Does it seem like you spend all day on Word or Outlook? Or maybe you’ve got iTunes running in the background at all times. Not only is there a way to track all of the software you run, you can also track certain online applications such as Google Reader, GMail, and Hootsuite.

If you are new to Nebraska Learns 2.0, your first assignment is to sign up to participate at This program is open to ALL Nebraska librarians, library staff, library friends, library board members and school media specialists. We hope you’ll join your library colleagues in the fun as you learn about new and exciting technologies!

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