Using my name can be totally uncool

If you want to say nice things about me, feel free. If you want to say un-nice things about me, that’s your right I just appreciate whatever you say is true. However, do not use my name to promote your service, site, or company without even talking to me first. I’ve sent a reply tweet asking them what’s up and an e-mail will be forthcoming. In the mean time, feel free to take a peek at what they did but excuse me for not giving them any link love from this blog.


For the record, I have no known relationship with this site nor have I ever had any communication to my knowledge with them in the past.

UPDATE: I tried contacting the company through their “live support” and got the following:


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  1. So this for-profit company is using your name without having contacted you first? WTF? That’s gutsy of them.

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