Thing #9: Compfight

Compfight is an indispensable tool for me, one I use almost daily. I’m constantly looking for a photo to illustrate a point. Wether it’s for a blog post or a presentation, I love using photos to make a point. I’m also generally sure to use only Creative Commons (cc) licensed photos in my work. Not only does this ensure that I’m not going to be sued but it promotes CC and lets me turn my presentations into teaching moments about more than just the direct topic of the talk itself.

But why Compfight instead of the standard flickr search option? Check out these two screenshots showing search results for library:



Srs’ly? Can you no doubt the usefulness of Compfight. Same search, completely different screen full of results. I’m less concerned with the content of the results (though I think Compfight’s better at that too) but more with how those results are presented. Compfight gives you screens full of images that you can look and and choose from. Flickr, you get  25 at a time with a lot of scrolling involved. Clicking on any one of these images takes you to the photo’s page for further details and downloading.

Yea Compfight! My presentations are better because of you.

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