Little Brother has landed!

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow Today the day for the new Cory Doctorow novel Little Brother. Click on the cover art to buy your copy now. In fact, buy a copy for every teenager in your life. (I ordered one for me and one each for the two 15 year-olds in my life.)

Not sure what it’s about? Check out these words from authors John Scalzi and Neil Gaiman.

Now, here’s my question: Since I’ll be in Colorado this weekend I had my copies shipped there. I was hoping to download the traditional free copy to my Sony Reader today in order to be able to get started on the book tonight. Hey Cory, where’s the downloadable CC-licensed copy?

Oh, and there’s a how-to blog based on the book too. w1n5t0n [INSTRUCTABLES] If you can’t understand the name of the blog, you’re too old 😉

UPDATE: It looks like Cory will be posting the ebook version "just as soon as I get back to London (I’m presently in Toronto, visiting my family with my newborn daughter). It’ll likely be Monday or so — there’s a bunch of little clean-uppy things I need to do with the Little Brother distribution site that I need to be in my office with uninterrupted time to accomplish."

Additionally, there’s a DRM-free audio version available which "comes with my own sampling license: once you own it, you’re free to take up to 30 minutes’ worth of material from it and remix and then redistribute it as much as you like, provided that you do so on a noncommercial basis, make sure that it’s clear that this is a remix and not the original, and make sure that you tell people where to find the original. This is in addition to all the fair use remixing that you’re allowed to do without my permission (of course!)." Maybe I’ll buy that tonight and listen to it on the drive to CO. That sounds like a great plan.

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  1. Picked it up at B&N on the way home from work yesterday and read it last night. Every YA collection in the country needs at least 1 copy of this book.

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