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ICIW2008: Characterizing Malware Writers can Computer Attackers in Their Own Words

Dr. Thomas J. Holt, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

  • digital crime markets
    • problem is increasing
    • also becoming more complex
  • criminological research
    • little research has been done
    • few studies have explored malware and hacker community in their own words
  • online resources
    • blogs
    • forums
    • this study focuses on Russia & China
    • not using their real handles
  • data & methods
    • qualitative analysis
    • identify 2 via snowball samples
    • qualitative analyses of open source materials online
    • linguists involved
  • RUSH
    • malware writer and hacker in Moscow
    • skilled individual
    • possible emotional problems
  • RUN
    • close associate of RUSH
    • skilled hacker
    • CS major at a Moscow university
    • may have minor health issues
    • loves his cat
  • Black Hat Gang
    • both RUSH and RUN belong
    • no stated political or financial agenda
    • provide a justification for their activities
    • rush & ru seem to have dif levels of productivity
    • have worked together
    • Chinese national in Jinzhou
    • does not specify his motives but gives Chinese perspective
    • actions are somewhat contrary to his words
    • young student but doesn’t enjoy school
    • likes girls & posts comments about love & relationships
    • associate of SAINT
    • difficult to gage his skill level
    • may be a script kiddie
    • is a student
    • may also have emotional issues though no specific reasons given
  • Hack Crew
    • SNAKE & SAINT are members
    • covert security technology group
    • criteria for membership
    • roles listed for members
      • SNAKE is a cracker
      • SAINT is a hacker/cracker
    • not clear how skilled group is as a whole
  • Discussion
    • all extremely interested in tech
    • variation in skill levels
    • justify what they do as education
    • some evidence of depression & substance abuse
    • variation in information provided
    • public & private resources needed to get mroe info
    • further research needed
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