Cross-site tag searching

TagsAhoy! is a new service that searches your tags across multiple online services. At this time it searches for tags in, Flickr, Gmail, Squirl, LibraryThing and Connotea. (I’m not familiar with that last one.) All you need to do is sign up for a free account and then point it to your accounts on the other services. The service works as described and they claim that more searches will be added shortly. (I’d like to see it search YouTube and SlideShare for example.) This photo shows my search results for the tag “wiki”. I can say that I’m impressed with the service. It’s nice to be able to search for items I’ve tagged without having to go to multiple sites to do it. (I’m planning on writing an OpenSearch plugin for it but sites that you have to log into, don’t always work as well as I’d like.)

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