3 Replies to “Lowest SAT score ever.”

  1. My wife scored a 46 verbal and a 32 Math in 1975….she was an admitted heavy Pot smoker

    Now she is a straight A student in College working on her degree in education.

    Don Oberloh

  2. what the hell is your point. i’ve known plenty of heavy pot smokers who have degrees from iusb. You didn’t even make a point your head is so far up your ass. You tell us of her unimpressive scores then…. go on to say she was admitted heavy pot smoker for some reason you felt the need to pot with a capital p. You go on to say she is straight A student. Did she quit smoking pot? Does she smoke less pot, or did nothing change but she hits the books a little harder know.

  3. It seems that ‘anonymous’ has their own issues of self worth. If you need further clarification of the point, you might consider going back to elementary school.
    If you get through you over inflated self worth and ability, and would like to help me pull my head out of my arse, feel free in contacting me at Kazenoya1@aol.com. I’m sure we can get together for mutual enlightenment.
    But…I think you just continue to blog from your mother’s ‘puter

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