New laptop bag

I’ve been wanting/needing a new laptop bag for a while and it finally arrived today. I’ve switched from a backpack to a messenger bag. Heck, I never used the left strap on the backpack anyway. This one holds my 17″ laptop, folders, pens, notebooks, iPod, camera, and more. And I totally get some geek-cred for the embroidered Firefox logo.
Firefox Messenger Laptop Bag

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  1. Nice bag! I’m also actually thinking of getting one. However, the mozilla website said it can hold a 15″ laptop and your blog said you put a 17″ laptop.Hmmmm… How’d you cram that in there? Sorry, I’m having a hard time looking for nice bag for my gear. I have a monster DV9000 17″ screen laptop and wont fit my nice trusty and very functional Oakley AP sandbag laptop bag *boohoo* can only fit a 15″ laptop. If you could be so kind please fill me in the details of your bag, Oh wise travelin librarian! Thanks and Peace!

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