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No, this isn’t a Star Trek-related post… On Friday I got a Motorola Q and so far I’m liking it a lot. Most of the learning-curve issues involve switching from PalmOS to Windows Mobile 5. (For example, I had to install a third-party application to get threaded SMS messages, and WM5 doesn’t sync Outlook Notes.) However, the big problem at the moment is using the Q to access the office’s Exchange Server. To do this I installed Alltel’s “Office Sync Personal” which installs a desktop client that the phone is supposed to connect to. This then allows me to sync my contacts, e-mail, and calendar from to the Exchange server and my My Documents folder. It also allows me to have Web access to this information. (Though, we do already have that via Outlook Web.) Well, the desktop client logs in just fine, and the Web access works, proving the working-state of the desktop client. However, when I finally try to log in with the Q, I get a server error.

So, this morning I spent the better part of three hours with Alltel tech support. They are helpful and friendly but they have no clue why the error is occurring. They’re working on trying to find a solution and promise to give me a shout when they come up with something. (I do have contact info for the last tech support guy I worked with so they’ve got 24 hours before i get back to them.) I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. hey tell me where you got the application i have been looking to get threaded sms messaging on my Q but I have the mol2 update which prevents most sms thread apps from working

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