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Snow in Lincoln

I noticed this before but now that I actually live here it’s totally blogable. People in this town are obsessive about snow removal. Yes, this is generally a good thing when it comes to the city streets. In fact, I’m totally impressed when it comes to the city removing snow from the public roads. The obsession comes into play when it comes to folks removing snow from their driveways and sidewalks. I grew up along Lake Ontario in New York, and lived in Denver for the past ten years. I know snow. It snows, people dig out. If you can drive on it, it’s not worth the trouble. Here in Lincoln, by 7am the snowblowers, shovels, and brooms (yes, brooms) are out and my 9am, I’m the only house on the street without a clean driveway and sidewalk. Talk about trying to keep up with the Jones’. However, when I cam home from my first day at the office on Thursday, planning on shoveling out my driveway before making dinner, I found that one of my neighbors has taken their snowblower to my driveway. Now that’s being neighborly!

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3 thoughts on “Snow in Lincoln”

  1. Rosario says:

    Can you get them to do it all the time? That would be a great trick!

  2. Michael says:

    I should probably meet them before I come to rely on them. (No one has come forward to take responsibility.)

  3. lalcorn says:

    They won’t come forward. It’s a Heartland thing. Someone in your neighborhood likes to use their blower, and helped you out. One note: in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, many municipalities have very fierce laws about how soon after a snowfall you must have your sidewalks cleared. Your neighbor might have saved you a ticket!

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