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My best friend needs help finding magazines for her daughter. Leave suggestions a comments.

I have been trying to find a magazine my 13 year-old daughter feels like reading. She gets the kids’ version of National Geographic (for the animals, mostly), but hasn’t been able to find anything with actual articles aimed at girls her age. Apparently, girls under the age of 10 are supposed to be encouraged to have brains and to read (and write) and think. Once they turn 10, they are not supposed to read anything else until they hit puberty, at which point they are to read only about boys, sex, hair, clothes, makeup, and pop stars and are not supposed to write or think about anything substantial again until they are well into their late twenties. At that point, intelligent thoughts are permitted to occur as long as they are kept under the guise of boys/men, sex, hair, clothes, makeup, (older) pop stars, children, etc.

This is an official APB. If anyone is aware of an intelligent magazine suitably aimed at girls 12-16-ish, please let me know where the heck I can find it.

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  1. She read New Moon when she was a bit younger, but has really outgrown it. I’d highly recommend it for girls up to about age 11, though.

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