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Outlook Web Access

I’ve recently gained access to an Exchange Server-based e-mail system and was told that the Web access worked through both Firefox and IE. Well, take a look at these screenshots:

Outlook Web Access (IE 7)

Firefox 2
Outlook Web Access (Firefox 2.0)

As you can see, Firefox “works” but there’s more options and a smoother interface in IE. Go figure.

(I wasn’t going to blog this but someone saw the screenshots in my flickr account and sent me an e-mail regarding how they’d been using Friefox for this and never thought to consider that it might work better in IE. I figured that with one person there might be others so I’ve shared it with you here.)

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7 thoughts on “Outlook Web Access”

  1. walt crawford says:

    “Someone” here. Two notes:

    1. Somehow, I’m not astounded that a Microsoft application is tuned to work better in IE than in any other browser.

    2. At home when I’m using it, I prefer the Firefox version…even now that I know there’s a choice. YMMV, of course.

  2. David Rothman says:

    Third option:

    I use OWA in an IE Tab of Firefox. Works great.


  3. Bill Drew says:

    I also use the IE tab when using Outlook Web Access. It works quite well. I am surprised that people are surprised by the fact that it looks and functions differently in FireFox than in IE.

  4. Michael says:

    Speaking for myself it was more of a “duh” moment than a “surprise” moment when I realized there were differences. I’ve set my copies of Firefox up with the Always Open in IE extension so that when I go to that site, IE launches instead of it opening in Firefox.

    As for IETabI’ve been told that using that extension actually introduces IE-based security problems into Firefox so I don’t use it. Launching it in IE instead keeps me aware that I now need to surf a little more carefully and that Firefox stays as secure as it should.

  5. David Rothman says:

    On the other hand, if you’re using OWA as hosted by your employer, there should be virtually zero risk accessing OWA via Firefox or IE.

    Besides, the best protection from malware online isn’t choosing the right browser, it is exercising good human judgment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How are you setting Firefox up to open IE tabs

  7. Michael says:

    I’m using the IEView Lite Firefox add-on.

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