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Last day statistics

It’s my last day @ BCR and there’s not much left for me to do. So, I’ve pulled together some numbers (thanks Stephanie) that might be on interest. Basically, the numbers say that in the past 9.5 years I’ve presented 686 live workshops with a attendee total of approximately 7256. That’s an average of 69 workshops and 726 students per year. (Of course, this short year is throwing off the averages.) The number of online workshops and presentations is around 100 but considering that we just started doing those about three years ago, that’s not too bad. (I don’t have attendee numbers available for the online classes.) Add to those numbers a few dozen conference presentations at the local, state, and national level where attendance was not recorded. (I believe my reference presentation at Computers in Libraries 2000 and the Second Life presentation at IL2006 both topped 400 attendees each.) So, I’ve met a lot of people and unfortunately, don’t remember most of your names. (Don’t take it personally, I have a problem when it comes to remembering names until after several meetings.)

I’ll just throw out a few other numbers just for fun. Number of BCR bosses: 3. Number of BCR directors: 2. Number of computer bags/backpacks I’ve been through: 6.

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2 thoughts on “Last day statistics”

  1. L says:

    You can’t make the short year 0.13 years and NOT throw off the averages? Or was that something they taught in first period math?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was extremly lucky to have attended 4 of your workshops in Ia City. Thanks for all you taught us!
    Can honestly say your workshops were THE best use of continuing education time away from the library ever.
    Good luck in your future adventures!

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