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"The Move" updates

I’m back from a weekend trip to Lincoln to find a place to live and it was, I must say, an unqualified success. Not only did I find a place to live but I’m getting a house, not an apartment. The price was amazing, it’s enough space, and it’s only 3.1 miles from my new office at the Nebraska Library Commission.

Today I’m home most of the day to deal with canceling services here at the old house (Internet, cable, tv, water/sewer, and trash) and waiting for the buyer’s mortgage broker’s appraiser to make an appearance. (Though it looks like I won’t be home for that but that’s not a problem.) It does turn out that I need to replace the roof and the 30 year-old furnace for the buyer so I’ll just need to grin and bear it when it comes to that expense.

So, assuming nothing goes wrong here’s what’s coming up:

  • January 26: Close on the selling of the old house and have the movers pack my fragile items. (I’m packing the rest. NO ONE packs my books but me.)
  • January 27: Movers pack all my stuff (with a few exceptions) into a semi and drive off.
  • January 29: Close on the house in Lincoln. (I’m hoping I don’t actually have to be there for that.)
  • Feburary 3: Stuff arrives in Lincoln. I will need to be there to receive it.
  • February 15: Last day at BCR
  • February 16: Drive out to Lincoln. (I think buying a seat on a plane for my car might cost a little more than I can afford.)
  • March 1: Start at NLC

Updates as warranted of course…

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2 thoughts on “"The Move" updates”

  1. Rosario says:

    When we replaced the roof on our house that we’re selling in Colorado, it was about $6,100. We got 3 estimates and they all were fairly close to each other.

  2. Rosario says:

    No you shouldn’t have to be in Lincoln for the closing. It can all be done by overnight mail. We spent a small fortune on overnight charges, but it was worth it.

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