Koontz book update

Just a few items were filled in this weekend. Two of them were information on the trade paperback edition of Handbook of Novel Writing which contained the essay “When Should You Put Yourself in an Agent’s Hands?” and some reviews from Mystery Scene #56. Also, one new item, the essay “What do Editors Mean When They Say… ‘Sorry, but the Motivation is Missing’” which was printed in the March 1969 issue of Writer’s Digest. All of this thanks to Alan Clark.

Additionally my next letter to Dean regarding some missing information and some aparant inconsistencies will be heading out to Rich at CD on Tuesday. (He’ll then forward it on to Dean.) I’ll be working while I’m waiting to hear back but at this point I can’t get the ms ready to be turned in intil Dean has answered these questions. As of Tuesday, the book is on his schedule.

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