I’m getting tired of all this sex on the news rack… i keep falling off

With apologies to Monty Python
Recently a CO state legislator got his knickers in a bunch over some magazine covers in a local Tower Records store. His ‘solution’? Create a law to make sure the kiddies can’t see such smut. Of course it included those words “harmful to minors,” so vague that they’re hardly constitutional. Well, beyond reporting on this particular bill the Denver Post decided to go further. Today’s front-page-above-the-fold headline: Porn in the USA. It mentions the bill in paragraph two. After that? Well, here’s my favorite quote:

Does porn’s pervasiveness prompt husbands to ask their wives for sexual favors once thought the domain of XXX movie sets?

Ah, journalism at its finestÂ…. (As if it’s anyone’s business beyond the husband and wife.)

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