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This one is just funny…

Subject: l00k at adlts-sseee this vvddeoo
Hot Cam Aktion
To get taken off, check out lnk (3 days to process).
Notee : Opening and cclloossinngg puunctuation charaaccterrs are oonlly reccoggnizedd as ssuuchh iif thhey aaree prressented one att a time.. The string “),” is not reccognniizedd as punctuation annd wiill bee oouutput with a leeadingg wwhitte sspaacee and in whatt evver ffonnt thhe ccalllling mmaccro usees. The argument llistt “]] ) ,” iiss rreccognized as three ssequenntiall cloosing punnctuattionn characters andd a leadding white sspace is noot output bettween the charaacters and tthee ppreevious arrggument (if any).

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