Bitching about cover songs

Today on Library Underground a conversation started in which many started bitching about bad cover songs. Rod Stewart’s cover of Tom Waits’ Downtown Train being one of the many examples. Trouble is, all of the examples were from the rock genre; which got me thinking — Is bitching about bad cover songs, limited to Rock? (There’s a country version of Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love which totally sucks, but the original is still a rock song.)

(The following point has been made without actually verifying the facts agains my CD collection.) What about American standards? I swear I must have at least a dozen different version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” in my collection and each as their own flavor depending of the singer; Sinatra, Bennett, Ella, Diana Krall (someone very current) just to name a few. Why don’t people ever complain that Bennett’s version of a song sucks while, ol’ blue eyes’ was spectacular?

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