The original Wilhelm Scream recording has been found

Via Paste Magazine:

“At this point, you’d probably be hard pressed to find a film geek who wasn’t intimately familiar with the Wilhelm Scream. The famous stock sound effect has been used hundreds of times in feature film and television since it was first recorded in the early 1950s, first out of necessity, and eventually as a knowing in-joke for audio engineers and eventually mass-market film audiences. The Wilhelm Scream has appeared so often, in fact, that many movie geeks now deride it or bemoan the fact that editors still try to slip it into popular movies, but at the very least the mythos of the scream has always been a fascinating little bit of Hollywood lore. Much about the scream’s original use and origin is already known, but one more fascinating key to the puzzle fell in place this week as the original recording session containing the Wilhelm Scream has now been discovered and hosted on the web.”

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