Friday Reads: Snuggle Club by Carlton Mellick, III

For almost 20 years, Carlton Mellick III has been writing some of the strangest and most compelling novels the bizarro fiction genre has to offer. Described as one of the top 40 science-fiction writers under the age of 40 by The Guardian and “one of the most original novelists working today” by extreme horror legend Edward Lee, Mellick returns with a short horror comedy that takes the art of communal snuggling to a whole new extreme.

After the death of his wife, Ray Parker decides to get involved with the local “cuddle party” community in order to once again feel the closeness of another human being. Although he’s sure it will be a strange and awkward experience, he’s determined to give anything a try if it will help him overcome his crippling loneliness. But he has no idea just how unsettling of an experience it will be until it’s far too late to escape.

Snuggle Club is a ridiculous cosmic horror story for fans of Mellick’s short, fast-paced novellas such as Spider Bunny and Parasite Milk.


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