Performance management in the time of coronavirus by Andrew R. McIlvaine

As founder and CEO of OperationsInc, David Lewis has been overseeing remote workers for 19 years and was one himself before that. More than half of the HR consulting company’s 100-plus employees work remotely at any given time. Yet, these days, even he finds himself a bit flummoxed by the unprecedented changes prompted by the coronavirus pandemic that have suddenly swept millions of U.S. office workers into telework arrangements.

“We’re in brand-new, uncharted territory,” he says.

Managers who must now contend with managing the performance of large numbers of remote employees for an extended period would undoubtedly agree.

As a starting point, Lewis suggests they begin by doing something that’s normally ill-advised: micro-manage.

“Most employees aren’t used to working remotely,” he says. “Plus, they’re working in less-than-ideal conditions.”

In many cases, employees will also have their children and spouse home with them. Employees with roommates who are also stuck at home must find ways of remaining focused and productive. Teleworkers in most locations no longer have the option of working from their favorite coffee shop or the library as a place of respite.

All of this means that managers must play a guiding role in helping employees get acclimated to their new circumstances as best they can, says Lewis.

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Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

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