Friday Reads: Pulpwood Editor by Harold B. Hersey

Everybody knows pulpwood magazines by sight. Whole forests of evergreens are cut down every year to provide paper for them; huge printing plants thunder on choked schedules to turn them out; over six hundred dealers distribute them to approximately a hundred thousand newsstands, where millions buy them every month; a myriad writers and artists are listed on their contents pages and a myriad more would like to be. And yet only a small part of this vast industry is visible to the general eye.

How are the pulpwoods published, and why? Who reads them? Who writes and illustrates their lurid tales? How are they edited, manufactured, distributed and sold? Where does their advertising come from? What are the life-stories of the men and women who conduct them? What has been their past and what will be their future? Until now no one has ever kissed and told.

And yet the story is fantastic, rollicking, well-nigh incredible. It is a lusty drama laid in a violent subworld of literature, where the pale gods of propriety would get many a salutary shock—and from which have emerged some of the greatest writers of our day. It is a world that has its own heroes, its own devils and its own ghosts. It also has its rules and its loyalties.

Here is the first and only book devoted exclusively to the story of the pulpwoods!

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