How can we stop people from coming to work sick? by Allison Green

A reader write:

What can I do about loose sick attendance policies in the workplace? In my office, people frequently come into work very obviously sick and many times get other people sick. Most people do not have the ability to work from home, so that isn’t an option for the masses. The director of the company even sent a firm-wide message telling people that he preferred sick employees stay home, as to stop the spread to the rest of the staff. Unfortunately, this didn’t make much of a difference. I understand that people want to save their paid time off for more enjoyable times, but it’s not fair to the coworkers to whom they spread their germs. (We also offer six paid sick days, separate from vacation and personal leave.)

I wonder if there is anything that can be done on a grander scale? Not just in my place of work — for example, my wife and mother work in places with a similar problem. So even if I were able to reduce the issues at my office, I would still be exposed through family.

Is there any way to encourage self-quarantine for illness at work? Do you have any advice on how to navigate these issues otherwise? I have to imagine that in addition to my simple preference for not being sick, there are people out there who are forced to expose children and the elderly to illnesses because of their coworkers.

There are three very effective ways of getting sick people to stay home, but companies have to do all three to get it to work:

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