What to Do When Personal and Professional Commitments Compete for Your Time by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

You’re double booked.

It’s not just one meeting scheduled over another. It’s something for your family at odds with a work commitment. These situations can trigger guilt and stress. Guilt because you feel like you’re letting others down — no matter what you decide, you will lose. And stress because you can’t literally be in two places at once.

As a time management coach, I help working parents navigate these challenges on a daily basis. I’ve found that there are two different components that you must address to minimize both guilt and stress.

The first is to define how you want to prioritize your time when professional and personal commitments collide. Each person must determine this prioritization for themselves because dramatic differences exist between individuals’ preferences, especially across cultures.

I recommend putting time in your calendar to think about what seems right for you and your family. That way you’ve done some thoughtful reflection in advance of a potentially intense decision. As you think about your general guidelines for when to choose for work versus family commitments, explore these facets:

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