Friday Reads: The Death of a Horror Writer by Ty Schwamberger

THE DEATH OF A HORROR WRITER Ty Schwamberger Cover art © by Vincent Sammy Cover art © by Vincent Sammy Within this tome you will find the ramblings of horror writer, Ty Schwamberger. From his troubled soul, he spent years unleashing macabre tales filled with monsters and killers upon the world. Then, one day, those thoughts got the best of him. The anger in which he fed to write these nasty stories came bubbling up from deep inside and he could no longer keep the demons at bay. That’s when the light went out. Fortunately, for us, he left behind a handful of blood-soaked pages: A cautionary tale of what it takes to be part of his beloved horror genre. Among those dark, drenched pages you will find his only unpublished novella House Call, which will never be seen again. Those pages have been printed here and tell us the tale of . . . The Death of a Horror Writer. The End is the New Beginning.

© Ty Schwamberger Foreword by Paul Fry Introduction by Ann Laymon Interior Illustrations by Vincent Sammy (limitation page sketch) & Ade Barrett (House Call illustrations) Title Details: Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications Subject: Nonfiction / Fiction (House Call) Release Date: December 31, 2014 ISBN: 978-1-909640-16-0, Limited Hardcover Edition, First Edition, 6.5 x 9.5 inches, 336 pages. Here are the details of our limited hardcover edition: Limited to only 125 copies worldwide Signed & hand-numbered by the author Cloth bound with a four-colour laminated dust jacket Gold foil stamping on the spine Printed on acid-free paper SST Publications have the worldwide exclusive rights so you will never see this book published by anyone else. And, we will never do a second printing or release a paperback, eBook or any other edition.

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