Throwback Thursday: The Family Inn

The Olde Bryan InnFrom my parents:
Our trip to Albany and Saratoga Springs yielded yet another family connection. William Billinghurst married Julia Bryan. Julia’s father came from Massachusetts and settled in the Mendon/Pittsford area (we’re talking late 1700s early 1800s). His brother Alexander went to Saratoga Springs and settled, opening an inn for travelers. The Olde Bryan Inn still stands and we had dinner there (great food if you ever find yourself in Saratoga Springs). In 1832 a stone building was built around the original log cabin inn by son John Bryan and it remained a family home until the early 1900s. Alexander was a hero of the Revolution, credited with spying on the British and warning the Americans of the attack at Saratoga, leading to the American victory there. Alexander is your 1st cousin 8 times removed.

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