Author Sues Booksellers for Selling His Books

More proof that Copyright as it stands is totally bonkers. (Even if this case gets tossed out, which it should, the fact the someone thinks this is reasonable under the current law proves my point.)

But the Los Angeles-based Valerie F. Horn, Townsend’s attorney, said that although the claim is rooted in an issue with Nazca (which is, for all intents and purposes, an individual named Herbert R. Moseley), the bookstores are legally entangled. According to Horn, Nazca, aka Moseley, copied Townsend’s works without permission and then distributed the books to the booksellers. This, she said, results in "liability to all those within the chain of distribution." Horn also added that whether the booksellers named knowingly or unknowingly sold ripped-off books is irrelevant, as per the copyright statute.

Read the full story at Publishers Weekly.

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