Last year was the first time I actively attempted to make New Year resolutions. Here’s how that went:

2003 Resolutions update:

  1. Loose 40 pounds. Did it but gained ten back while visiting my folks for the holidays.
  2. Stop bitting nails. Done.
  3. Give up caffiene. Mostly. I still drink it occasionally or when it’s the only choice but that’s only about once a week.
  4. Brush the teeth more. Done. (I didn’t say how much more.)
  5. Floss more. (My one misserable failure for the year. Not counting anything involved with women.)

So, based on my moderate level of success here’s the ones for this year:

2004 Resolutions

  1. Loose the ten pounds I gained back while visiting my parents for the holidays.
  2. Loose the other 40 pounds.
  3. Stop chewing icecubes.
  4. Brush the teeth more.
  5. Floss more.
  6. Find a happy medium between traveling like a madman and not traveling enough.
  7. write that novel
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