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I just turned down my first writing opportunity. Smart Computing asked me to do an article on how to keep your PC quiet (details below.) Well, I’m just not a hardware person so I decided to decline the offer. It hurt, but I just couldn’t talk myself into it. And, if my heart just isn’t in it, I don’t believe I should do it.

PC Project: Peace & Quiet – And Power, Too
As computers get more powerful they also seem to get noisier: high-powered CPUs, additional power-draining optical (and other) drives, etc. all mean that the system must supply more power. One result of that power drain is heat, and the way most manufacturers fight heat is to use larger fans, and more of them. In the end, you could end up with a PC that acts and sounds like an F-14 fighter: fast and powerful, but way too noisy to keep in your den. Let’s establish some baselines for “acceptable” noise (explain decibel ratings, etc.), and then take the reader through the process of quieting a noisy system. (Use plenty of photos to help in describing how to install fans, noise dampeners, etc.)

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